DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeHunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins, Author of Hunting Discomfort)
Hunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins, Author of Hunting Discomfort)

Hunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins, Author of Hunting Discomfort)

Update: 2022-07-13


Hunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins)

Shifting our perspectives on stress and setbacks


“It's about surrounding yourself with people that are going to support your growth, that are more committed to your vision than your feelings.”

—Sterling Hawkins


Sterling Hawkins is the author of Hunting Discomfort, a chart-topping new book about breaking the status quo no matter what. Sterling believes we can all unlock incredible potential within ourselves, and he’s on a mission to support people, businesses, and communities and help them reach their potential regardless of circumstances. From a multibillion dollar startup to collapse, then coming back to launch before investing in and helping grow over 50 companies, Sterling brings his experience to some of the largest organizations on the planet and stages around the globe. His perspectives can be found in publications such as Inc., Fast Company, the New York Times, and Forbes.

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[6:18 ] - Every Day, No Matter What

The art and science of setting intentions

Whether small or large, you should set a goal to do something that brings you closer to your goal every single day. It might be five minutes of focused work or five hours of intense attention. But whatever your goal, you should make some amount of progress greater than zero every day. It builds confidence and courage within yourself, not to mention that it builds momentum towards your goals.

[33:37 ] - “Don’t Say ‘Surrender’”

Moving past the stigma of surrendering

Sterling is often told that he should stop using the word ‘surrender’ in his talks and writings. He’s told that surrendering means to give up, but the truth is that surrendering means accepting things as they are and as they’re not. It’s synonymous with acceptance, and we can’t truly change anything until we accept it.

[36:41 ] - From Head to Heart

Changing where we spend our internal time

Many of us spend most of our lives in our heads— where the reasons, excuses, and circumstances live. Our approach to life becomes circumstantial and dependent on the world. But when you spend more time in your heart, you step out of reasons and excuses and find the courage to commit to transformation. You get over fear, over-analysis, and resistance and begin pursuing your passions.

[40:16 ] - The Finite and the Ultimate

Lessons from a German-American theologian

Philosopher Paul Tillich believes there are two primary focuses that human beings give their attention to— the finite and the ultimate. Finite concerns are things like paying rent, earning money, reaching business goals. Ultimate concerns are things like love, joy, peace, and happiness. These can never be taken away from you. When we remember that, all of our finite concerns become less concerning.


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Hunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins, Author of Hunting Discomfort)

Hunting Discomfort (ft. Sterling Hawkins, Author of Hunting Discomfort)

Sterling Hawkins, Detroit Podcast Studios, Connor Trombley, Paul Epstein