I’m fine, we’re fine!

I’m fine, we’re fine!

Update: 2023-09-21


Today Tish joins the pod with a very important question: does Brandi remember her childhood? Because Tish does not remember anything more than 20 years ago. Brandi has a select few memories, including her parents showing up on a motorcycle and the whole class going outside to watch, and a boy helping her with her dress then going to laugh with all his friends—the beginning of her trust issues with men. Tish wants to talk about a very old Off Limits once again, then they dive into more Ultimatum talk, because this is now an Ultimatum recap pod, remember? Y’all sent in a bunch of great Dear MTs which have your hosts chatting advice for turning 30, getting into old hobbies, public speaking nerves, and housewarming ideas for in-laws. They wrap up with some High Design because Tish has found the perfect ottoman for her home. Check out our socials to see! 

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I’m fine, we’re fine!

I’m fine, we’re fine!

Brandi and Tish Cyrus