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Introducing Gone Cold Podcast — Texas True Crime

Introducing Gone Cold Podcast — Texas True Crime

Update: 2022-07-251


Texas a known for being tough on crime and those who commit it. Or at least the ones who get caught. There are 10s of 1000s of unsolved homicides in Texas and nearly as many open missing persons cases.

Every week, Gone Cold Podcast - Texas True Crime presents in-depth accounts of unsolved murders and missing persons cases throughout the lone star state, concentrating on lesser known cases that the media has long left behind. Cases like the recently solved 1974 abduction and murder of Fort Worth High School student Carla Walker and the 1968 Massacre at Loma Alta, where the entire Arellano family was slaughtered by a depraved killer, to the 2008 Port Aransas Killing of Christopher Tiensch, a whistleblower whose choice to do the right thing might have cost him his life.

This is a preview of Gone Cold's coverage of the 1994 sexual assault and murder of 16-year-old Trellis “Tree” Sykes, an all-star track and basketball player at her high school, located in the most impoverished and crime-ridden neighborhood in Houston – Sunnyside. When the perpetrator of a series of heinous and ultra-violent sexual assaults was apprehended years after Tree’s slaying, it was thought to be the break detectives needed. But the Trellis “Tree” Sykes case remains unsolved.

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Introducing Gone Cold Podcast — Texas True Crime

Introducing Gone Cold Podcast — Texas True Crime

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