DiscoverReal Estate RookieIt’s Not All About Cash Flow: 4 Ways Real Estate Makes You Rich
It’s Not All About Cash Flow: 4 Ways Real Estate Makes You Rich

It’s Not All About Cash Flow: 4 Ways Real Estate Makes You Rich

Update: 2022-10-08


Real estate investing is known for one thing: cash flow. No matter who you talk to, investors always seem to be hypnotized by this single metric. Rookie investors love to chase after cash flow and cash flow only—often completely disregarding the much more lucrative benefits of real estate investing for the shiny object of monthly profits getting deposited into your account. But, if you’re buying, analyzing, and negotiating deals based on cash flow only, you could be making a huge mistake.

In the new book Real Estate by the Numbers, Dave Meyer and J Scott, both veteran investors in their own regards, give you the numbers behind the NOI and show how real estate will make you rich in much more ways than one. They give you the exact calculations, framework, and mindset to use when analyzing real estate deals, and will show you how you can build wealth faster, smarter, and with less effort than the cash-flow-crazed investor down the street.

On today’s show, Dave and J walk through the four ways that investors can build wealth through real estate, which questions real estate rookies should start asking, and debate whether or not the 2022 housing market is one worth buying in. Real estate rookie or not, this show will give you everything you need to start chasing better deals with hidden profits others are too blind to find.

In This Episode We Cover

Why real estate rookies should grab the new book, Real Estate by the Numbers

Recessions, interest rates, and whether or not 2022 is a good year to buy real estate

The four ways to generate wealth through real estate investing (it’s more than cash flow)

Questions real estate rookies should ask when analyzing their first real estate deals

Real estate tax deductions and how investors can pay almost no income tax 

How to “force” appreciation so you can increase equity faster and walk away with a big payday

And So Much More!

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It’s Not All About Cash Flow: 4 Ways Real Estate Makes You Rich

It’s Not All About Cash Flow: 4 Ways Real Estate Makes You Rich