DiscoverBurnt Toast by Virginia Sole-SmithIt's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress
It's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress

It's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress

Update: 2022-10-27


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It's our October bonus episode! And since it's spooky season, and maybe nothing is more terrifying than retro gender norms, Virginia is revisiting an old essay about Halloween in Girl World. 

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Disclaimer: Virginia is a journalist and human with a lot of informed opinions. Virginia is not a nutritionist, therapist, doctor, or any kind of health care provider. The conversation you're about to hear and all of the advice and opinions she gives are just for entertainment, information, and education purposes only. None of this is a substitute for individual medical or mental health advice.


The original Halloween in Girl World

If you’re in the Bay Area, check out this amazing abortion film, which is screening at the Berkeley Video & Film Festival on Saturday! (Here’s Virginia's conversation with Mary about the film and body autonomy activism.) 

Election Day is looming. Remember any dollar you give to the Burnt Toast Giving Circle now goes towards The States Project’s Rapid Response Fund, to support quick-response work like last-minute electoral opportunities, ballot curing, helping with recounts, and more, in every state where we have a chance to gain (or protect) a blue majority. 

That police officer costume.

The doe costume was not homemade.

babies dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsberg or Rosie the Riveter

a ready-made RBG costume on Etsy

Mighty Girl's excellent curated round-up of girl-empowering costumes

Corinne and Virginia hate Halloween

a piece Virginia wrote about Barbie 

Everything Everywhere All At Once

an interview with Michelle Yeoh 

Halloween costume idea for white ladies: Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie plus hot dog fingers

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It's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress

It's OK to Want More for Your Daughter than Sexy Donut Waitress

Virginia Sole-Smith