Discover"See, The Thing Is..."It's The Fan's Fault Ft. Theron Thomas
It's The Fan's Fault Ft. Theron Thomas

It's The Fan's Fault Ft. Theron Thomas

Update: 2023-04-14


It’s about damn time that  Bridget Kelly and Mandii B are joined on the couch with today’s Freshly Squeezed guest, Theron Thomas! The ladies are excited to be joined by a multifaceted artist, producer, songwriter, and musician who is the genius behind a lot of the hits you’ve probably cultivated memories to. 

Theron has written and produced for some of the world’s most incredible artists like Rhianna, Beyonce, Usher, Lizzo, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, Adam Levine, and that's JUST to name a few. This conversation is an important reminder that trust coupled with passion and consistency can land you in places/positions that you couldn't have ever imagined or predicted. 

(13:00 ) Theron talks about the inspiration behind writing the song Locked away R. City Ft. Adam Levine . This forces the ladies to ask themselves, would you hold down your partner while they’re in jail? We’d love to know your answer let us know via IG or Twitter!!! 

(19:55 ) Theron explains why HE DOESN'T LIKE TOURING (it’s giving Michael Jackson viral meme

(23:00 ) Theron passionately explains the rules he follows to making money as a songwriter and why HE WILL NOT GET PAID IN “VIBES”!

(26:00 ) Theron explains what it's like to record over 50 songs with Lizzo and only select 6 of them for a 12 song album

(27:00 ) Theron explains what it's like working with Doja Cat and why it's important to provide her creative space. 

(29:00 ) Is the new independent woman the ability to do EXACTLY what a man can do, just better? Theron shares how this question led to him writing the hit song “Pour It Up” by Rhianna 

(39:00 ) The story behind writing the song Man Down for Rhianna

(40:00 ) Why is there no tolerance for fictional storytelling in music?

(50:50 ) Theron talks about how family quickly humbles you

(52:00 ) If your parents hate the song, chances are.... it's going to be a hit!

(54:00 ) When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls was initially created from a beat 

(55:00 ) If This Isn’t Love - Jennifer Hudson is a freestyle from top to bottom 

(57:41 ) The strategy behind watermarking audio tracks and the perception from the audience

(1:00:00 ) Why Theron could NEVER do a versus

(1:02:00 ) Theron explains writing “We Can’t Stop” and “23” by Miley Cyrus on the same day and the strategy behind rapping about Jordans in 2013.

For more content with Theron join us over at Patreon. It's been amazing getting to connect with our patreons on tour and we're so happy to see our community over there growing! Join the party by visiting







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It's The Fan's Fault Ft. Theron Thomas

It's The Fan's Fault Ft. Theron Thomas