DiscoverTravis Makes Friends885: Jeff & Kara Smith ⎸ Unpacking the Secrets of the Meat Industry
885: Jeff & Kara Smith ⎸ Unpacking the Secrets of the Meat Industry

885: Jeff & Kara Smith ⎸ Unpacking the Secrets of the Meat Industry

Update: 2023-09-25


In this episode of Travis Makes Friends, Travis interviews Jeff and Kara Smith, co-founders of Colorado Craft Beef (@coloradocraftbeef). Their business carries on the century-old ranching tradition started by Kara's great-great-grandfather when he settled on the eastern Colorado plains in 1917, drawn by the expansive grasslands. Today, their headquarters sits just half a mile from that original homestead, spanning over 5,000 acres. Under Kara's leadership, they have shifted to a direct-to-consumer model that connects customers nationwide to their heritage of sustainable cattle-raising and land stewardship. Colorado Craft Beef has raised cattle in the same place for over a hundred years, with practices like using horses for cattle work to reduce stress and impact. Wildlife still thrives on the ranch alongside the cattle. Jeff and Kara aim not only to produce quality beef but also to pass on their dedication to responsible ranching for future generations. As innovators in the meat delivery space, they continue surpassing customer expectations nationwide with subscription boxes showcasing their commitment to time-honored principles 

Discover the unparalleled taste and quality of Colorado Craft Beef. As rising leaders in the US meat delivery ranch-to-table space, we continue to surpass our customers' expectations and offer subscriptions nationwide. Elevate your dining experience with our curated burger and steak boxes, and savor how we use innovative, responsible animal and land management practices to create a delicious, high-quality protein source for you and your family.

What Jeff, Kara, and Travis discussed:

  • Why relationships matter more than profits. Jeff and Kara focus on creating win-win partnerships rather than trying to undercut competitors. They help other producers succeed because, ultimately, it's better for the industry.

  • How to turn an idea into reality. It takes persistence to go from concept to execution. Jeff and Kara had doubts initially but kept working through problems. Now, their business is rapidly expanding.

  • The importance of finding aligned investors. Jeff and Kara partnered with Jocko Willink not just for money but for shared values and marketing reach. Smart money comes from those who care.

  • The reason behind controlling your supply chain. By acquiring its own harvest facility, Colorado Craft Beef stabilizes production and ensures quality. Owning key assets protects the customer experience.

  • The truth about beef labels. Terms like "grass-fed" and "organic" are costly marketing ploys. For quality and transparency, Jeff recommends buying directly from local producers you trust.

Jeff and Kara Smith share their story of continuing a century-old ranching tradition. In this episode of Travis Makes Friends, the Smiths give motivational stories and practical tips on turning ideas into reality, finding aligned investors, controlling your supply chain, and seeing through beef label marketing fluff. 

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885: Jeff & Kara Smith ⎸ Unpacking the Secrets of the Meat Industry

885: Jeff & Kara Smith ⎸ Unpacking the Secrets of the Meat Industry

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