John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis

John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis

Update: 2022-04-0510


We’re continuing our run of episodes celebrating the release of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album, Unlimited Love, produced by Rick Rubin. We left off our episode last week with Anthony Kiedis popping in to join Rick’s conversation with Chili Peppers' guitarist John Frusciante. Today we have part two of Rick’s conversation with John and the band’s iconic frontman.

On this episode we'll hear Anthony talk about how some of the new song lyrics came together, the lengths he went to commute to the studio in Hawaii where he was recording vocals with Rick. And both Anthony and John give their accounts of John’s third return to the band. 

Make sure to check out Rick's interview next week with the almighty Flea.

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Howard stein

the interviews, as ever with Rick are amazing, but the most amazing thing listening to the tracks is the evolution of the band. as much younger guys, the fierceness and funk was representative of their age and influences, but too heavy for my taste. my favourite chillies albums were californication and by the way. the albums after were OK, but the great tracks on this pod from the new album hones their craft over all the years and all their styles through their career. really looking forward to listening to the whole album. they maybe in their late 50s now, but they're still absolutely relevant and have loads to offer to old fans and new.

Apr 8th
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John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis

John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis

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