Karma's Gonna Karma

Karma's Gonna Karma

Update: 2023-12-052


This week on BMND, Kail and Vee read Down in the Dm's. The submissions cover a range of topics including gaslighting, open relationships, teachers getting involved with students, hiding STD results, and discovering waxing kinks. Amidst the revelations, Kail and Vee reflect on the evolution of their own relationship and contemplate what they would do if they had to go to jail together. To cap it off, the hosts delve into world of 'nut' jewelry.

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Jill Baird

You guy's make my day love laughing with ya all.. I also want to be cremated. as my husband don't... he had a job in his Older twins where he did trash outs on Repode houses A lot of them were places where homeless people would go. So they were pretty disgusting. A lot of times they would find urns full of Ashes, and they had no choice but to throw them in the dumpster which he felt shitty about!! So I definitely suggest. To spread your loved one's Ashes.... ❤️

Dec 8th
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Karma's Gonna Karma

Karma's Gonna Karma

Kail Lowry & Vee Rivera