DiscoverRight About Now with Ryan AlfordLessons from Maverick Brand Builder of Luc Belaire | Brett Berish
Lessons from Maverick Brand Builder of Luc Belaire | Brett Berish

Lessons from Maverick Brand Builder of Luc Belaire | Brett Berish

Update: 2024-06-25



  • Business of liquor and branding
  • Importance of taste and consumer experience in building successful brands
  • Role of personal branding and evolution of business strategies
  • Building businesses and constant tweaking for success
  • Interplay between celebrity endorsements and product quality
  • Importance of packaging and design in creating brand experience
  • Approach to target audiences and mass appeal
  • Personal branding and storytelling
  • Challenges of measuring return on investment in advertising and marketing


Building Businesses and Improv (00:00:00 ) Discussion on building businesses and the iterative nature of business strategies, likened to improv comedy.

Introduction to the Podcast (00:00:17 ) Introduction to the podcast "Right About Now" by host Ryan Alford, highlighting its popularity and duration.

Introduction of Brett Berish (00:01:03 ) Ryan Alford introduces Brett Berish, President and CEO of Sovereign Brands, and discusses the radical approach in branding.

Personal Branding and Business Strategies (00:02:09 ) Discussion on personal branding, embracing mistakes, and the importance of being different in business strategies.

Entry into Spirits Industry (00:03:07 ) Brett Berish shares his entry into the spirits industry, influenced by his father's career and his passion for the business.

Evolution of Liquor Business (00:05:00 ) Discussion on the historical and regulatory aspects of the liquor business, including the three-tier system and changes in alcohol serving laws.

Challenges in Liquor Distribution (00:07:12 ) Explanation of the challenges in liquor distribution, emphasizing the role of distributors and the limitations on direct sales.

Importance of Taste in Branding (00:11:28 ) Emphasis on the significance of taste in dictating the success of liquor brands and the common thread in Sovereign Brands' approach.

Celebrity Endorsements and Product Quality (00:13:24 ) Discussion on the interplay between celebrity endorsements and product quality, highlighting the importance of taste over endorsements.

Brand Experience and Details (00:16:14 ) Importance of brand experience, packaging, and design details in creating a unique consumer experience.

Target Audience and Brand Appeal (00:18:24 ) Emphasis on selling to a broad audience and the significance of mass appeal in building a brand.

Trying New Approaches (00:19:10 ) Encouragement to try new strategies and products, drawing parallels to the unpredictability of hit songs in the music industry.

Personal Branding and Storytelling (00:20:40 ) Discussion on the realization of the importance of personal branding and storytelling in representing the company's brand.

The motivational side of success (00:21:16 ) Brett Berish shares his personal struggles and the importance of sharing stories of failure and success.

Discovering and supporting emerging talents (00:22:21 ) Brett discusses the excitement of engaging with up-and-coming artists and the potential to help them grow.

Transparency and honesty in conversations with emerging talents (00:23:02 ) The importance of authenticity and transparency in conversations with young talents on the verge of success.

The challenge of quantifying marketing success (00:24:56 ) Brett discusses the difficulty of measuring the return on investment in advertising and the value of building an audience.

Scarcity and exclusivity in brand building (00:27:35 ) The discussion around creating rarity and exclusivity in brand building and the challenges it presents.

Building long-term partnerships (00:29:36 ) Brett emphasizes the importance of developing long-term relationships and authenticity in partnerships.

Cultural significance of spirits and brands (00:31:34 ) The discussion on the cultural and emotional significance of different spirit brands and the subcultures they represent.

Proudest moments and personal milestones (00:33:08 ) Brett reflects on personal milestones and proud moments in his journey as a business owner.

Expanding into new territories and cultural initiatives (00:37:02 ) The discussion about expanding into new markets, particularly Africa, and the cultural initiatives being pursued.

Tying music projects with brand identity (00:38:54 ) The integration of music projects with specific brand identities and the intention to promote African artists.

Embracing new opportunities and personal philosophy (00:40:23 ) Brett shares his personal philosophy and approach to embracing new opportunities.

Wrapping up the conversation (00:41:22 ) Closing remarks and details on where to find more information about the brands and the conversation.

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Lessons from Maverick Brand Builder of Luc Belaire | Brett Berish

Lessons from Maverick Brand Builder of Luc Belaire | Brett Berish

Ryan Alford, Brett Berish