DiscoverAubrey Marcus PodcastLife: The Most Beautiful Ceremony w/ Huaira #413
Life: The Most Beautiful Ceremony w/ Huaira #413

Life: The Most Beautiful Ceremony w/ Huaira #413

Update: 2023-05-182


Huaira is a musician, a medicine woman, and a chosen sister of mine in this life and any other.
While I could try to describe her, why not let her explain her story in her own words:

“I have been part of the Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire for the past 9 years. This is where I was first introduced to the red path traditions and the Toltec civilization. I did my vision quests in Ecuador in the temple of Urcupacha under the guide of my Taita Arturo Chiriboga. After finishing my 4 vision quests I did my first sundance in the same land. I’m part of the collective Mujeres De Luna, (songs, knowledge and origins) women who have changed my life by the way of being guided by the beating of a drum singing all together in gratitude!

I’m a mestiza woman from Ecuador who is finding her roots in the relationship to life. I’m a mama of 2 teeangers. Beyond my skin color or the family I was born in. I recognize myself as an indigenous woman. Daughter of this sun and this earth! Related to all! Alive because of everything that sustains my life! Completely in reverence to the sacred spirits that give me life!

All these rites of passage have taken me deeper into knowing myself a little more, so that I may really be in service of the greater purpose. I carry close to my heart the memory of the warriors that have been here before us– we all carry them in our blood! I surrender with great respect to all the carriers and keepers of the traditional ways. I also consider myself a translator, bridging the ideas of the old world, with the new emerging world we are building together. All I can talk about is what I have experienced–and through my flesh and breath things are shifting . I know that the mystery is holding space for all our relations.”


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Life: The Most Beautiful Ceremony w/ Huaira #413

Life: The Most Beautiful Ceremony w/ Huaira #413

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