Listener Q&A - E101

Listener Q&A - E101

Update: 2022-06-16


Listener Q&A - E101

Highlights from this episode:

Listener Q&A (1:53 )

Office Talk: Hiring & Interviewing from the applicant's POV (21:00 )

In today's episode, we have taken a bunch of listener questions and given you all the answers! We love sharing our thoughts and experiences with you so if you have questions or ever want to chat, connect with us on social media or shoot Dr. Lillie an email at! (1:53 )

In our Office Talk today, we are talking hiring and what it looks like from the applicant's point of view. We hear a lot about how hard it is to find good staff, interviewees, etc. when hiring today but have you thought about how YOU are as the interviewer? How do you come off? Are you presenting a favorable package to your prospective employees or are you running late, unorganized, dismissive, etc.? It all makes a difference my friends. (21:00 )

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Listener Q&A - E101

Listener Q&A - E101

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