DiscoverWin Monday with Paul EpsteinLive Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)
Live Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)

Live Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)

Update: 2022-09-21


Live Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)

Sebastian Terry on living a fulfilled life of purpose


“It's about being self-aware, it's about identifying meaningful goals that are somehow anchored to a purpose, whether we know it or not. It's about sharing those goals and allowing collaboration, help, support with others. We're all in this together, and 100 Things Now is this beautiful organism where everyone is connecting and helping each other become better.”

—Seb Terry


Affected by the death of a close friend, Sebastian Terry had a moment of deep reflection and realized he wasn't leading a life true to himself. In a moment of darkness and uncertainty, he decided to pick up a pen and paper and began to make a list of all the things that he'd always wanted to do, but never had a chance to do. His mission: to find happiness. Dropping everything in his life to pursue each of his “100 Things,” Sebastian's journey has been turned into a bestselling book, a reality TV show, and a platform that inspires people to not only start their own list, but support others along the way.

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[4:07 ] - From What You’re Told to What You Seek

Seb walks us through the mindset change that changed his life

Seb’s entire mindset came about from a realization which came after a close childhood friend died tragically. He realized at that moment he could either spend his entire life doing what was expected, or he could fill every day of his life with the things that were most meaningful to him. So he made a list of the 100 things he wanted to do, and from there spawned a movement that’s transformed countless lives.

[8:04 ] - Happiness is a Choice…Mostly

Moderating the ‘mind over circumstance’ discussion

Seb is reluctant to claim that anyone, anywhere can think their way to happiness. There are real societal and circumstantial barriers many people face to fulfillment and security. But he does believe that pursuing happiness is a choice, one we can decide to make every day— or not.

[27:57 ] - Are You Interesting or Interested

A key question with life-changing impact

All our lives, we’re told to be interesting. Demand attention, seek fame, and be the most fascinating person in any room. But Paul shares how the most fulfilled people are actually the most interested people— the ones who manage to get excited about anything and anyone, focusing on what excites them rather than trying to constantly excite others.

[39:53 ] - The “Work-Life Balance” Myth

Seb’s unique perspective

Seb fights against the concept of ‘work-life balance’ in his speaking and writing. Why? “Work and life, it’s the same thing. They need to be integrated.” He believes that the principles that guide our lives should also guide our work, and it shouldn’t be about separating out our ‘life selves’ from our ‘work selves.’ When we’re unified in our pursuit of happiness, 

[48:04 ] - Seb’s Parting Advice

Take 10 minutes to be selfish

“For anyone listening who is interested in just doing a quick little check-in to make sure they're living in a way which is true to them, I would suggest giving yourself permission to be by yourself at some point over the next few days. Call it 10 minutes to make it easy. Put it into your calendar, make a contract to yourself that you'll do it, with the pure intention of thinking about yourself selfishly. And as you do that, think about things that are important to you.”

Interestingly, many of us will find that when we think ‘selfishly’ in this way about what matters most to us, many of the things on that list will actually be selfless— spending time with people we love, service, etc. It’s about identifying what’s central to you and your passions, then integrating those passions into your daily life. 


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Live Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)

Live Your List (ft. Sebastian Terry, Speaker, Founder of 100things)

Sebastian Terry, Connor Trombley, Paul Epstein, Detroit Podcast Studios