DiscoverReal Estate RookieLiving for “Free” with 63 Self-Storage Units
Living for “Free” with 63 Self-Storage Units

Living for “Free” with 63 Self-Storage Units

Update: 2022-08-31


The older you get, the more you realize how much life costs. As a kid, it's easy to take for granted the free rent and free meals, but what if you could get back to that? What if you could live mortgage or rent-free as an adult? What if you could have your meals paid for on someone else’s dime? In today’s episode, our guest, Nate Weintraub, shares how he lives for “free” with his three properties that total sixty-five units.

With a real estate investor as a father, Nate has always been around rental property investing. He never saw himself getting into real estate until he worked his first W-2. After seeing the realities of a nine-to-five, Nate decided to buy a property after college and pursue real estate. In March of 2020, he put a house under contract in Rochester, New York. Since then, he has purchased a sixty-three-unit storage facility in Alabama and is currently house hacking in Florida.

As Nate works toward financial freedom, he has made steps toward reducing his cost of living while still living a life he loves. In addition to being an investor, he does what he loves as a self-employed copywriter—BiggerPockets’ copywriter in fact. At only twenty-four, Nate lives rent-free in his house hack, his rental property covers most of his food, and his real estate investment trusts pay for his car.

 In This Episode We Cover

Analyzing and choosing an out-of-state market to invest in (w/o visiting them)

Self-managing and how to build a trusting relationship with your tenants 

House hacking and how to use it to live rent-free while building wealth

Self-storage investing and how to break into a newer, bigger asset class

Finding reliable and trustworthy partners and how to manage your partnerships

The importance of talking about your real estate aspirations and how to generate more business through conversation

And So Much More!

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Living for “Free” with 63 Self-Storage Units

Living for “Free” with 63 Self-Storage Units