DiscoverThe $100 MBA ShowMBA2214 How to Create a Compelling Vision
MBA2214 How to Create a Compelling Vision

MBA2214 How to Create a Compelling Vision

Update: 2023-01-03


What is your business really offering people?

We’ve all heard the “benefits over features” lecture, where you do your best to communicate what consumers get out of your product. But there’s a bigger picture — and it can compel people even more effectively.

It’s all about your vision.

Identifying and communicating your vision isn’t some exercise in self-importance. It’s a way to show your audience that when they use your product or service, they’re not just getting a problem solved. They’re investing in a better future, for themselves and others. 

If it sounds a little emotional, remember the #1 rule of marketing and sales: people don’t put aside emotion to make logical decisions. They make emotional decisions they can justify logically.

Today, we explore how visions, articulated well, inspire more action than most people realize. When you have a vision, your customers aren’t just customers — they’re part of a movement. Click Play!


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MBA2214 How to Create a Compelling Vision

MBA2214 How to Create a Compelling Vision

Nicole Baldinu