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MBA2221 Is it Time For a Change?

MBA2221 Is it Time For a Change?

Update: 2023-01-12


Feeling stuck in your business?

That’s not to say you’re not doing ok financially. But every so often, a business can lose the…magic.

You feel bored, unmotivated, maybe even depressed. You go through the motions, joylessly. Running your business has become the thing that you became an entrepreneur to escape: just another job.

You’re not alone, and you’re probably fine.

In fact, your business is probably fine. In our experience (and others’), we have these feelings because we’ve hit a personal plateau — a mental, emotional, even spiritual rut. Before you decide to do something drastic, like sell the business, take a step back and listen to this episode.

Today, we’ll discuss the reasons we lose love for our creations, and how to approach the problem from an unexpected angle. We’ll share a list of ways you can shake things up, get out of your head, and determine once and for all if you really need a new start.

Get excited to run your business again. Alter your course without going off the rails. Click Play!

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MBA2221 Is it Time For a Change?

MBA2221 Is it Time For a Change?

Omar Zenhom