DiscoverTravis Makes Friends876: Midweek Mashup ⎸ Jeff Fenster
876: Midweek Mashup ⎸ Jeff Fenster

876: Midweek Mashup ⎸ Jeff Fenster

Update: 2023-08-30


Jeff Fenster(@fensterjeff), an entrepreneurial dynamo, Fenster firmly believes in the power of enjoyment in building successful ventures. 

He is intensely committed to nurturing groundbreaking start-ups that showcase both vertical integration and revenue-stimulating innovation, alongside developing highly capable leadership teams to catalyze the growth of thriving brands.

As a trailblazer in the quick-serve restaurant industry, Fenster founded Everbowl, a rapidly burgeoning superfood brand rooted in Southern California, back in 2016. Everbowl is now nationally renowned as an ascendant force within the sector, democratizing access to affordable, healthy superfoods for all. With a steadily expanding network of retail outlets in Southern California and Arizona, Fenster is the driving force behind Everbowl's extraordinary growth, with ambitions to proliferate the brand on a nationwide scale via both retail and superfood-infused Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) products. 

Jeff recently launched his new podcast show called The Jeff Fenster Show, where he interviews the most successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, like Drew Brees, Dan Fleshman, and David Meltzer, to decode and reverse engineer their success formulas.

In today’s mashup, we feature clips from Jeff with Tim Gover, Drew Brees, and our own Travis Chappell:

  • Create your own balance; don't find it; instead of seeking perfect balance, focus on purposefully tilting your priorities when needed. Be comfortable being out of balance for periods of time.

  • Do your best, don't just try your best; giving maximum effort is more important than just trying. Don't leave yourself an excuse in case you come up short.

  • Learn every job and skill you can, experiencing diverse roles, even less desirable ones, to develop well-rounded skills and traits. All contribute to becoming the professional you strive to be

  • Build relationships, not transactions; the importance of building long-term, value-driven relationships with customers rather than focusing solely on one-time transactions. This allows for recurring business and referrals.

  • Identify problems, then creatively solve them. Instead of accepting problems at face value, take time to re-evaluate the root of the issue and determine if there is an unconventional solution. Fenster did this by building a construction company to solve the high restaurant build-out costs.

  • Everyone is in sales; no matter your role, you have to "sell" yourself, your ideas, and your value. Developing sales skills allows you to generate revenue.

If you want to learn directly from elite performers like Drew Brees, Tim Grover, and Jeff Fenster, be sure to check out this episode featuring clips from Jeff's new show. You'll get insights on sales, balance, problem-solving, putting in maximum effort, and continually developing your skills. Jeff has a knack for drawing out the best advice from his world-class guests. Tune into The Jeff Fenster Show on your favorite podcast platform, subscribe, leave a review, and let Jeff know you discovered him through this episode. You won't regret getting mentored by these ultra-successful athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

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876: Midweek Mashup ⎸ Jeff Fenster

876: Midweek Mashup ⎸ Jeff Fenster

Travis Chappell