DiscoverCrime JunkieMYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Tamla Horsford // Joseph Smedley
MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Tamla Horsford // Joseph Smedley

MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Tamla Horsford // Joseph Smedley

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In the last few years two people died under very mysterious circumstances. Though their cases aren't connected they were each quickly ruled an accident or suicide. But if you take a closer look, there might be much more to their stories and their families need your help to find the truth about what really happened. 

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John Brown Thunder

this show is the straw that broke the camel's back for me.... not because of the content but because of the awkward banter between ashley and britt... it takes away from the show. I like supernatural more for some reason. I cant listen to crime junkies anymore unless you give britt something to do other than read letters and emails, gasp, say "wait, what?" or "okaaaayyyy?" maybe let britt do some outlines so she has more better input into the topic...

Jul 19th


"brit we need a story about racism by the police to show we're woke so we don't cancelled" "does it need to be based on any kind of fact?" "nah any old conspiracy crap will do"

Jun 26th

Brick Tornatore

How to stop racism quit talking about it

Jun 26th
Reply (6)

Chasity Quebedeaux

Brit please please quit talking. I'm sorry but you aggravate me and quite honestly ruin the whole podcast. I love Ashley but I can't listen to Brit anymore.

Jun 26th


I definitely sign the petition and saw all of the trending news media with the young woman who supposedly fell off the balcony. You don't normally sustain that many injuries just by accidentally falling off a balcony which is really only about two stories so there's something fishy going on she had some defensive wounds someone needs to get to the bottom of this.

Jun 25th

Dean Stolpmann

Loved this one!!

Jun 24th
Reply (1)


Something about Crime Junkies is different. Like they are trying too hard to have a natural conversation. Idk Something feels off about the last few months.

Jun 23rd
Reply (1)


this first story is retarded if she had xanax in her system anything could've happened. of course this was racist. you guys are so dumb keep racism alive and blame everything on race. this was probably the white supremacist Josė who killed her huh?

Jun 22nd
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MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Tamla Horsford // Joseph Smedley

MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF: Tamla Horsford // Joseph Smedley