DiscoverThe Bravo DocketMargaret Josephs' $12 Million Lawsuit
Margaret Josephs' $12 Million Lawsuit

Margaret Josephs' $12 Million Lawsuit

Update: 2023-05-022


In 1999, Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Margaret Josephs started her brand, the Macbeth Collection, which was then "known for eye popping color, bold prints and whimsical detailing." [1] Her brand expanded as she licensed her designs for ready-to-wear, bags, accessories, beauty, home, tech accessories and luggage and travel. However, with her licensing deals came business and legal headaches, including the lawsuit established, preppy brand Vineyard Vines filed against the Macbeth Collection for using a design of a cartoon whale on various Macbeth Collection and Macbeth collection licensed products. While Marge was trying to stay afloat and defend herself against Vineyard Vines, she got into the dog house when she backed out of a licensing deal for pet accessories. But were these various licensees working together to give Marge grief?

Join us as we break down each of the lawsuits and share some business advice Marge has bestowed upon her fans directly from her book (check out our Amazon storefront to purchase it It's a great example of how quickly things can go wrong when a brand quickly grows.

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Margaret Josephs' $12 Million Lawsuit

Margaret Josephs' $12 Million Lawsuit