DiscoverThe TED InterviewMark Cuban doesn’t believe in following your passions | ReThinking w/ Adam Grant
Mark Cuban doesn’t believe in following your passions | ReThinking w/ Adam Grant

Mark Cuban doesn’t believe in following your passions | ReThinking w/ Adam Grant

Update: 2022-09-151


Mark Cuban has gone from selling garbage bags door-to-door to selling internet companies for billions, acquiring an NBA team, and becoming a beloved “Shark” on Shark Tank. Mark reveals to Adam how he turns problems into opportunities in entrepreneurship, basketball, and investing. They discuss his latest venture–disrupting the healthcare industry with an online pharmacy and a price-slashing philosophy that makes hundreds of drugs affordable–and why following your passion is not the best way to maintain your motivation. This is an episode of ReThinking with Adam Grant, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. For episodes on the psychology of the world's most interesting minds, follow ReThinking wherever you're listening to this.

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Amaya Bryant

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Mark Cuban doesn’t believe in following your passions | ReThinking w/ Adam Grant

Mark Cuban doesn’t believe in following your passions | ReThinking w/ Adam Grant