DiscoverBussin' With The BoysMike Vrabel's Thoughts On The DeAndre Hopkins Signing + His Growth As A Head Coach
Mike Vrabel's Thoughts On The DeAndre Hopkins Signing + His Growth As A Head Coach

Mike Vrabel's Thoughts On The DeAndre Hopkins Signing + His Growth As A Head Coach

Update: 2023-07-181


Recorded: July 17th 2023 | On this week's episode the boys hit a quick intro because of how massive our guest is. They hit everyone’s favorite segments, Shoutout no free shoutout and Pet Peeve of the week so do not worry about missing those.

Following the intro, the boys sit down with Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans, Mike Vrabel. Vrabes is one of the boys as he was one of the first guests of the show. The dynamic between Coach Vrabe’s and the boys is interesting as they have both played for him, yet they are all boys and bust each other's balls.

The boys immediately get into Vrabel’s process of taking over the Titans. Will and Taylor have been very vocal in episodes before that they did not like Vrabel in his early years as a head coach. The boys bring that up to him again and Vrabel reflects on the growth he has had and what all he has learned since becoming a coach. Will and Taylor do not hold back on telling some hilarious stories about them being terrified to go into team meetings after a bad practice.

The boys also address the biggest news from this past weekend as DeAndre Hopkins is signing with the Titans. They ask Vrabel what that process looked like trying to get a stud wide receiver like DHOP on the team. Vrabel also addresses the narrative of this season being a rebuild for Titans saying that he never looks at a season with that perspective.

The dynamic and chemistry that these three have is so fun. They are able to have the serious football conversations but then are immediately able to switch it back joking on each other and trying to out Alpha the other. Vrabel made himself very comfortable on that coach as you’ll see throughout the episode. At one point though, tensions got a little raised when the question was asked who would win in a fight, Vrabes or Will. Tune in to see what happens. Enjoy boys.

1:25 Previewing Vrabel pod
6:23 Shoutout no free shoutout
15:02 Pet Peeve of the week
22:25 Talking about moments in the Vrabel pod
26:36 The boys are up for a Barstool Award
27:50 Vrabel’s growing process in becoming a head coach
31:58 What rule has he hated the most that has been implemented
36:25 His process in taking over the Titans
42:12 When Will got cut by the Titans
48:53 How Vrabel felt about them starting Bussin and if he’s a fan
58:10 DeAndre Hopkins is coming to the Titans
1:00:53 Are the Titans in a rebuilding year?
1:01:56 AJ Brown trade and what it’s like in the War Room
1:07:17 The transition to getting a new GM and what that process was like
1:10:32 Todd Downing DUI process
1:12:12 Will went to training to camp impersonate Vrabel
1:24:11 Vrabel missed Beer Olympics
1:28:30 Year 9 or Year 10 and getting a workout with the Titans
1:40:17 Next step for the bus
1:42:51 Being compared to Belichick
1:53:10 If you could coach any team, what team would it be?
1:55:46 3 toughest players he’s ever played with
2:00:46 Beating the Bills after not practicing
2:05:09 Twisted Question
2:07:23 Could he beat Dan Campbell in a fight

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Mike Vrabel's Thoughts On The DeAndre Hopkins Signing + His Growth As A Head Coach

Mike Vrabel's Thoughts On The DeAndre Hopkins Signing + His Growth As A Head Coach

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