DiscoverThe Trial Of Alex MurdaughMurdaugh Mistrial: Where Does SC Court's Culture Of Corruption Start?
Murdaugh Mistrial: Where Does SC Court's Culture Of Corruption Start?

Murdaugh Mistrial: Where Does SC Court's Culture Of Corruption Start?

Update: 2023-09-21


In an explosive revelation from the latest episode of the "Hidden Killers" podcast, a former felony prosecutor and attorney, Eric Faddis, weighs in on recent allegations of jury tampering in the Alex Murdaugh case. The twist? It wasn't from an external source, but from a figure deeply embedded in the court's infrastructure: the clerk of court.


 "We've got an allegation that the clerk of court is actively influencing the jury to convict this man," Faddis shared, underscoring the gravity of the situation. This isn't just about mere gossip or behind-the-scenes banter. This is about a potentially severe miscarriage of justice.


 For those unfamiliar, Alex Murdaugh is currently embroiled in allegations of killing his wife and son. "Say what you want about Alex Murdaugh... he deserves a fair trial," stated Faddis. The fundamental pillar of the justice system is the assurance of a fair trial, irrespective of the accusations or public sentiment.


 The crux of the matter is that if the allegations prove true, it could be grounds to overturn Murdaugh's convictions. "I'm telling you that could be a meritorious ground to overturn these convictions of Alec Murdoch," Faddis added, pointing out the severity of the situation.


 But what happens after overturning the verdict? Eric Faddis clarified, "In most instances... it would almost always go to a new trial." The scenario might play out in the public eye once again, as the trial would potentially be rehashed in media.


 Faddis' insights into court chambers were equally revealing. "People are humans back there," he noted. There's chatter, speculation, and talk about the various players involved in trials. Yet, while such discussions among court staff might be expected to some degree, actively influencing a jury is on another level. Murdaugh's defense is arguing that the alleged influence was so profound that it affected the fairness of the trial.


 The central figure under scrutiny, Rebecca Hill, the clerk of court, is alleged to have directly conversed with jury members, making unsolicited remarks about Murdaugh's guilt. These claims, if validated, raise bigger questions about the culture within the courthouse. Faddis pondered, "Is this more systemic of a culture... or is this just one person who's a little bit too vocal than others?"


 Another pressing concern is the venue of Murdaugh's ongoing financial fraud cases. With the same judge and court staff, there's an increasing clamor for a change of venue. Faddis remarked, "He's still got the financial fraud cases not only in that same courthouse, but in front of that same judge... that's got to be ferreted out to ensure that... he still deserves a fair trial."


 What's in store for the clerk of court if found guilty of these allegations? "In at least in Colorado where I practice that could potentially be grounds for jury tampering, which is a felony," Faddis highlighted. The repercussions would be significant, both legally and professionally.


 Closing on a note from the past, Faddis recollected the renowned attorney Clarence Darrow, who faced similar allegations. "The famous attorney Clarence Darrow actually got popped for jury tampering and... was charged with a felony."


 As the podcast episode wrapped up, listeners were left contemplating: if improprieties can allegedly occur in a case as high-profile as Murdaugh's, how many other verdicts may hang in the balance due to overlooked influences?

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Murdaugh Mistrial: Where Does SC Court's Culture Of Corruption Start?

Murdaugh Mistrial: Where Does SC Court's Culture Of Corruption Start?

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