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Music Day - Singles: "The Fall Of Winter" And "All Of The Time"

Music Day - Singles: "The Fall Of Winter" And "All Of The Time"

Update: 2022-12-292


The theme of this Music Day episode is Singles.

Back in the day - before albums took over - the record business was all about singles. An individual track put out as a 45 RPM record, the kind with the big hole in the middle for the turntable. There was always an A side and a B side to each single. The A side was the featured song. But sometimes a radio disc jockey or the public fell in love with the B side - and that was the one that became a hit.

In the last year I’ve put out two singles that are featured in this Music Day episode. The first, “The Fall Of Winter”, I co-wrote with Jim Peterik of the Ides Of March and formerly with Survivor. Among many other hits, Jim wrote “Eye Of The Tiger” for Survivor which became the theme song for the movie Rocky III starring Sylvester Stallone. He sings lead on “Winter” backed by me and my band, Project Grand Slam, and featuring a wonderful guitar solo by Elliott Randall of Steely Dan and Doobie Brothers fame.

The second single is one that I wrote called “All Of The Time”. It’s a light, airy, whimsical love song played by me and Project Grand Slam. Tony Carey of Rainbow adds his keyboard magic. The video for this song, created by Aaron Wilhelm, is particularly cool. The link is below.

Stay tuned for more Music Day episodes from time to time.

“The Fall Of Winter” (Spotify link here) (video link here). “All Of The Time” (Spotify link here) (video link here).  


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BOBBY M AND THE PAISLEY PARADE is Robert’s forthcoming album. Featuring 10 new songs and guest appearances by John Helliwell (Supertramp), Tony Carey (Rainbow) and international sitar sensation Deobrat Mishra. 
"ALBUM OF THE YEAR!" (Indie Shark)
"Catchy and engaging with great tunes!" Steve Hackett (Genesis)
"This album has life and soul!" John Helliwell (Supertramp)
"Bobby M rocks!" Gary Puckett (Union Gap)
"Nice cool bluesy album!" Jim McCarty (The Yardbirds)
"Robert really really really rocks!" Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary)
"Great songs. Great performances. It's a smash!" David Libert (The Happenings)

LIVE AT STEELSTACKS is the 5-song EP by Robert and his band, Project Grand Slam. The release captures the band at the top of their game and shows off the breadth, scope and sound of the band. The EP has been highly praised by musicians and reviewers alike. 
“Captivating!” Elliott Randall (Steely Dan) 
“PGS burns down the house!” Tony Carey (Rainbow)
“Full of life!” Alan Hewitt (The Moody Blues) 
“Virtuoso musicians!” (Melody Maker) 
“Such a great band!” (Hollywood Digest) 

The album can be streamed on Spotify, Amazon, Apple and all the other streaming platforms, and can be downloaded at The PGS Store.

ALL OF THE TIME is Robert’s recent single by his band Project Grand Slam. It’s a playful, whimsical love song that's light and airy and exudes the happiness and joy of being in love. 
“Pure bliss…An intimate sound with abundant melodic riches!” Melody Maker/5 Stars) 
“Ecstasy…One of the best all-around bands working today!” (Pop Icon/5 Stars) 
“Excellence…A band in full command of their powers!” (Mob York City)
Watch the video here. You can stream “All Of The Time” on Spotify, Apple or any of the other streaming platforms. And you can download it here.

THE SHAKESPEARE CONCERT is the album by Robert’s band, Project Grand Slam, recorded "live" in the studio. It’s been praised by Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Jim Peterik (Ides Of March), Joey Dee (Peppermint Twist), Elliott Randall (Steely Dan) and Sarah Class (British composer). Reviews: “Perfection!”, “5 Stars!”, “Thrilling!”, and “A Masterpiece!”. The album can be streamed on Spotify, Apple and all the other streaming services. You can watch the Highlight Reel HERE. And you can purchase a digital download or autographed CD of the album HERE

THE FALL OF WINTER is Robert’s single in collaboration with legendary rocker Jim Peterik of the Ides Of March and formerly with Survivor. Also featuring renowned guitarist Elliott Randall (Steely Dan/Doobie Brothers) and keyboard ace Tony Carey (Joe Cocker/Eric Burden). “A triumph!” (The Indie Source). “Flexes Real Rock Muscle!” (Celebrity Zone). Stream it on Spotify or Apple. Watch the lyric video here. Download it here.

FOLLOW YOUR DREAM HANDBOOK is Robert's Amazon #1 Bestseller. It’s a combination memoir of his unique musical journey and a step by step how-to follow and succeed at your dream. Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. 


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Music Day - Singles: "The Fall Of Winter" And "All Of The Time"

Music Day - Singles: "The Fall Of Winter" And "All Of The Time"

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