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Musicians Battling Disease Part 2

Musicians Battling Disease Part 2

Update: 2022-11-16


In the old days before the internet, musicians had an aura of mystique about them...we only knew what they wanted us to know or what music writers could ferret was an era of secrets and information that was kept quiet...

Now, though, things are different...because of social media and our always-on culture, information is everywhere...artists have never given up as much personal information as they do today...too much information, sometimes...

 We don’t want our heroes to be life size...the reason we admire them in the first place is because they seem to operate on a plane higher than us...they’ve got a special talent that affects us not just emotionally but occasionally, spiritually...

 What, then, do we make of things when we hear our favourite artist is human and fallible like the rest of us and suffer from health problems?...I’ve seen two reactions...

 One is a disbelief that they’re mortal...don’t they have some kind of superpowers that keep them free from sickness and disease?...we might have a hard time accepting that...

 The second reaction is that such challenges humanize them... You know: “hey, they’re like the rest of us...I can relate”...perhaps this knowledge intensifies our relationship with that person...

 And if the artist is open and honest about their condition, it can be inspiring...maybe even by talking about what they’re facing, they can help other people with the same challenges keep moving forward...this, I think, is the real value in the personal health information they share...

 Here is part two of a program featuring musicians who have had to deal with disease...

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Musicians Battling Disease Part 2

Musicians Battling Disease Part 2