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Name What Matters in Your Homeschool This Spring

Name What Matters in Your Homeschool This Spring

Update: 2022-03-02


We're just a little excited here at RAR this week.

First, it's our 200th episode! 🥳

And second, it's March, which here in the northern hemisphere meets *melting*. It also means a new season, and it's a great time to name what matters, and set some intentions for how we want to finish out this homeschool year.

This week, the whole team will walk you through a simple process we've been using here at RAR in RAR Premium in order to name what matters - and how to get there.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • How to name what matters most this spring
  • Your FREE cheat sheet to making a plan for your own homeschool that's doable
  • And ... what we're reading this spring! 📚🌱

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How to Name What Matters

Naming what matters is familiar vocabulary in RAR Premium because this is something we did recently in one of our Circle with Sarah events.

It's based on the idea that none of us has an infinite amount of time or energy to do all the things we want to do in our homeschools.

This is not a problem. It's just a reality.

Instead of lamenting that reality, we honor the fact that we know we have all the time we need to do what we're called to do, each and every day, each and every season.

We've just got to be intentional about what we're going to focus on.

The idea to naming what matters is fleshed out in Kendra Adachi's book, The Lazy Genius Way.

And it's something worth revisiting every season because our homeschools aren't stagnant.

They're always shifting. We're always growing. Our kids are always getting older. And so we shift and change to honor that.

Name What Matters Most to YOU

We're not here to tell you what matters most in your homeschool. This episode is an invitation for you to name what matters most yourself.

Here's how we suggest you start:

Take just a second and imagine that it's the end of the school year. You're trying to wrap up loose ends and you've gone out to coffee with a friend and she asks you, "What are you most glad you did this school year?"

Your gut reaction to that question, whatever just popped into your mind. . .

. . . that's what matters in your homeschool this spring.

You're not going to be able to get to everything you want to, but just knowing that you got to this thing - you'll know you've done something really important because it's the first thing that came to mind for you when you were reflecting back on your year.

And you'll have ended your school year with a win.

The Three Step Process
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Name What Matters in Your Homeschool This Spring

Name What Matters in Your Homeschool This Spring

Sarah Mackenzie