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Nothing But Netflix #84: I Think You Should Leave

Nothing But Netflix #84: I Think You Should Leave

Update: 2023-06-05


Nothing But Netflix #84: I Think You Should Leave

Welcome to the newest throwback podcast on Rob Has a Podcast: Nothing But Netflix! Each week, your hosts Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Chappell (@Chappells_Show) log in to their streaming service accounts and find something new to check out. After the “RHAP Rewind” ended, Rob and Chappell had to find something new to podcast about each week, and thus, Nothing But Netflix was born!

This week, Rob and Chappell, joined byAv Sinensky (@asinensky) and Alexander Chester (@achester99), tuned into the newest season of the sketch comedy show on Netflix, “I Think You Should Leave.”  They visited the third season that was originally released on May 30, 2023. Created by and starring Tim Robinson, this series focuses mostly on cringe comedy, with elements of surreal humor. Most sketches involve someone making an embarrassing mistake, stubbornly refusing to admit it and attempting to convince everyone around them that they are right, and the people around them are wrong.

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Nothing But Netflix #84: I Think You Should Leave

Nothing But Netflix #84: I Think You Should Leave

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