Discover"The Cognitive Revolution" | AI Builders, Researchers, and Live Player AnalysisOpenAI, Amazon's Anthropic Investment, and the Roman Empire with Zvi Mowshowitz
OpenAI, Amazon's Anthropic Investment, and the Roman Empire with Zvi Mowshowitz

OpenAI, Amazon's Anthropic Investment, and the Roman Empire with Zvi Mowshowitz

Update: 2023-09-291


Zvi Mowshowitz, the writer behind Don't Worry About the Vase, returns to catch up with Nathan on everything OpenAI, Amazon-Anthropic collab, and Google Deepmind. They also discuss Perplexity, deepfakes, and software bundling vs the Roman Empire. If you're looking for an ERP platform, check out our sponsor, NetSuite:

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( - Zvi is an information hyperprocessor who synthesizes vast amounts of new and ever-evolving information into extremely clear summaries that help educated people keep up with the latest news. 

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00:00:00 - Episode Preview

(00:02:42 ) - Nathan's experience using Code Interpreter for a React app

00:06:09 - Zvi's perspective on Code Interpreter and other new Anthropic products

(00:10:47 ) - Nathan's approach of "coding by analogy" using Code Interpreter

(00:15:42 ) - Sponsors: Netsuite | Omneky

(00:17:00 )- Performance degradation issues with large context windows

(00:22:50 ) - The disconnect between Anthropic's value and what users are willing to pay

(00:31:56 ) - Predicting Gemini's capabilities relative to GPT-4

00:30:13 - Rating Code Interpreter's capabilities

(00:37:53 ) - Using Perplexity vs. Anthropic products for search

(00:44:11 ) - Potential for a bundled subscription for multiple AI services

(00:47:39 ) - Challenges of getting competitors to agree to bundling

(00:54:05 ) - Concerns over information pollution from synthetic content

(00:56:36 ) - Filtering adversarial vs. unintentional bogus information

(01:02:20 ) - Dangers of info pollution visible in Archive dataset

(01:11:15 ) - Kevin Fisher’s AI Souls demo with emotional voices

(01:12:15 ) - Difficulty of detecting AI voices/images for a general audience

(01:14:32 ) - Being optimistic about defending against deepfakes

(01:21:12 ) - The reversal curse in language models

(01:46:12 ) - Implications of Amazon investing in Anthropic

(01:49:20 ) - Non-standard terms likely affected the Anthropic valuation

(01:51:13 ) - Survey of the AI Safety landscape

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OpenAI, Amazon's Anthropic Investment, and the Roman Empire with Zvi Mowshowitz

OpenAI, Amazon's Anthropic Investment, and the Roman Empire with Zvi Mowshowitz

Erik Torenberg, Nathan Labenz