DiscoverMarketing Against The GrainOpenAI’s ‘Foundry’ Release Will Change Marketing Forever...
OpenAI’s ‘Foundry’ Release Will Change Marketing Forever...

OpenAI’s ‘Foundry’ Release Will Change Marketing Forever...

Update: 2023-03-092


A.I. will forever change how we use technology and software.

Kipp and Kieran break down how AI will change how you market your brand forever. Learn where you will start to see A.I. more prevalent, how to use A.I. to assist you with the customer journey, and the power of creating personalized experiences with A.I.



(00:00 ) Learn more at Hubspot CMO

(00:45 ) Intro

(01:01 ) Marketing and AI tactics tests

(01:20 ) King of Sweaters, Yoga French Bulldog Statue & Mini Arcade

(01:55 ) Deep dive into a proposed studio Layout

(02:24 ) Interesting rumor - Foundry

(02:55 ) Introduction to Foundry: and Open AI

(03:35 ) Nathan Labban / Wayward

(04:03 ) Kieran: PO for Quora; a hidden gem of AI

(04:31 ) Will AI replace jobs?

(06:36 ) Industrial revolution

(07:00 ) Period of Disaggregation: AI unbundling the internet

(08:31 ) The ability to re-skill workers

(09:45 ) How and where is AI going to play out in 2023

(10:58 ) Kipps POV on AI

(11:26 ) Brian Halligan kept sending emails about AI

(14:45 ) In the AI world – support is 24/7

(15:19 ) Typical customer journey: Customers using AI for a better experience

(16:53 ) Kipp shares real-life experience at Hubspot

(17:40 ) How important is chat on the website?

(19:16 ) The best chat experience – Automation/AI Enabled Chat

(20:12 ) Kieran thinks something magical in AI

(22:50 ) Kipp discusses the first principle of marketing

(24:40 ) The rise of sales and marketing automation with AI

(26:51 ) As AI develops over the next 5 to 10 years

(28:18 ) There’s real value in integrating AI into chat, emails, etc.

(29:00 ) Conversion optimization; facilitating vs. distracting

(30:15 ) Kipp’s long-term optimism about AI: “Please launch Foundry!”

(30:55 ) Outro

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OpenAI’s ‘Foundry’ Release Will Change Marketing Forever...

OpenAI’s ‘Foundry’ Release Will Change Marketing Forever...