DiscoverPop PantheonPRINCE: PART 1 (with Dr. Elliott H. Powell)
PRINCE: PART 1 (with Dr. Elliott H. Powell)

PRINCE: PART 1 (with Dr. Elliott H. Powell)

Update: 2023-09-07


For the first of our three-part series on the High Priest of Pop, Prince, the University of Minnesota's Dr. Elliott H. Powell joins the show to discuss the rise of perhaps pop history’s greatest enigma. Louie and Elliot unpack Prince’s upbringing in Minneapolis, his impressive 1978 debut, For You, on which he played every instrument, and mainstream breakthrough with his self-titled sophomore album in 1979 and its smash "I Wanna Be Your Lover". Then they tackle how 1980’s filthy, carnal Dirty Mind established Prince at pop's vanguard and presaged the sound of the 1980s and the cultural debate Prince wielded on 1981’s Controversy. Finally, they discuss how 1982’s 1999 synthesized Prince’s persona and sound into something broadly appealing and set the stage for his Purple Reign that would follow in the coming years.

Join us next week for Part 2 which will cover Prince’s imperial phase, from 1984's Purple Rain to 1989's Batman.

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PRINCE: PART 1 (with Dr. Elliott H. Powell)

PRINCE: PART 1 (with Dr. Elliott H. Powell)

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