Discover"See, The Thing Is..."Perfect Timing Ft. Osé
Perfect Timing Ft. Osé

Perfect Timing Ft. Osé

Update: 2022-12-23


Happy Holidays! 

This week, your hosts Bridget Kelly and Mandii B have some grown (7:00 ), honest (46:00 ), and slightly toxic conversations (1:07:00 ) right before the holiday weekend. Later the two are joined by Canadian singer/ songwriter Osé for a special Freshly squeezed episode (1:16:00 ). 

You can expect to hear conversations about: 

  • X-Mas gift giving etiquette and realistic expectations this holiday (9:00 )
  • Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupree’s public disagreement (17:00 )
  • Feeling comfortable in your body as a women and wearing clothing that supports where you’re at in your life like the NIKE GO Leggings you can get at (49:00 )
  • The Meghan Markel and Prince Harry documentary on Netflix and what it means to present as racially ambiguous (46:00 )
  • Ordering a togo plate for your kids on the first date (1:07:00 )
  • Dating a narcissist 1:15:00 )


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Perfect Timing Ft. Osé

Perfect Timing Ft. Osé