DiscoverMore Plates More DatesPeter Attia - Full Daily Routine, Top 10 Supplements and Dr*gs, Heart Disease, Cancer and F1
Peter Attia - Full Daily Routine, Top 10 Supplements and Dr*gs, Heart Disease, Cancer and F1

Peter Attia - Full Daily Routine, Top 10 Supplements and Dr*gs, Heart Disease, Cancer and F1

Update: 2023-10-311


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Time Stamps:

00:00:00 - Peter Attia’s new book ‘Outlive’
00:02:26 - Who is Peter Attia? What is Medicine 3.0?
00:03:28 - Peter Attia’s career. How did he become a doctor? And how did he evolve into his unique approach to preventative medicine?
00:07:54 - What do the acronyms in Peter’s Instagram bio stand for?
00:13:53 - The Four Horseman of Death (most will die from one of these)
00:22:46 - How to not die from atherosclerotic disease (the leading cause of death)
00:29:59 - The impact of smoking on atherosclerotic disease
00:30:36 - The impact of high blood pressure (hypertension) on atherosclerotic disease, how common it really is, and how to track it
00:32:32 - The accuracy of manual vs. automatic blood pressure cuffs
00:35:41 - The impact of APOB/all atherogenic particles (LDL’s, LP(a)’s, VLDL’s, and IDL’s) on atherosclerotic disease
00:40:57 - The minimum APOB level needed for adequate function
00:42:43 - PCSK-9 gene and its effect on LDL. How PCSK-9 inhibitors work to lower LDL
00:43:24 - APOB vs. APOA
00:44:56 - The most effective lipid managing dr*gs for preventing atherosclerosis
00:50:16 - Why Peter doesn’t see a reason why anybody should have an APOB over 60 mg/dL
00:52:15 - If Peter could go back in time knowing what he knows now and with modern pharmacology, at what age would he start lowering his APOB
00:55:04 - Arterial plaque accumulation starts as early as when you are a teenager. Calcification takes years to show up on a coronary CT calcium scan, but that does not mean plaque isn’t accumulating
00:57:12 - Should you screen for atherosclerosis before taking medication? If so, how? 
01:01:06 - Why are carnivore diet zealots so dogmatic about cholesterol and atherosclerosis? What does the data show to date?
01:06:05 - If those with average genetics maintain a near perfect diet, exercise regimen and sleep hygiene, will many of those individuals still develop atherosclerosis? Even with perfect lifestyle factors, will those individuals still need to take lipid managing dr*gs if they want to essentially guarantee that plaque will never accumulate?
01:09:41 - How to lower blood pressure
01:13:25 - Sleep Apnea and the use of CPAP
01:16:49 - Cancer: Causes, Prevention, and Proactive Screening 
01:35:53 - The devices and metrics Peter uses to track his sleep and recovery
01:41:50 - Resting heart rate, HRV, heart rate recovery, and how predictive they are of mortality
01:44:43 - Peter's full daily routine and diet
01:54:35 - Why Peter stopped fasting
01:57:12 - Bodybuilders abuse of T3, Clen, DNP, and other metabolic modulators
01:58:54 - Peter breaks down his 6000+ calorie diet, 6 hours of daily exercise, and the most absurd meals he ate to maintain his weight when he was younger
02:01:25 - How Peter’s kids eat. How strict should the diet be for your kids when it comes to food quality to maximize growth potential?
02:07:41 - Where is the best burger in Austin?
02:08:22 - What time Peter stops eating each night, and the hack he uses to prevent him from overeating
02:11:33 - Peter's non-negotiable nightly practices for maximizing sleep quality
02:12:31 - Why Peter has a Bat phone
02:14:29 - How to live in the moment and be happy. The vicious circle of financial success and/or accolades never being enough.
02:22:46 - How to decide if you should have kids
02:25:13 - Peter’s Top 10 Supplements and Top 10 Dr*gs
02:29:35 - Peter's personal supplement stack and dr*g protocol
02:42:26 - Homocysteine reduction protocol
02:44:11 - Vitamin B6 deficiency paradoxically caused by Pyridoxine Hydrochloride supplementation
02:46:00 - How safe is TRT for cardiovascular health? TRAVERSE clinical trial results
02:51:31 - Comparison of TRT administration methods. What Peter prefers for patients
02:52:40 - What podcasts and YouTube channels Peter likes to watch or listen to
02:55:09 - Formula 1
02:55:54 - AlphaTauri x Hugo Boss
02:56:21 - Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen
02:59:33 - How Red Bull became such a dominant F1 team
03:01:35 - Sim racing
03:05:13 - How Peter got so interested in F1
03:06:33 - Peter’s dream car
03:06:50 - Ayrton Senna
03:08:25 - Outro


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Peter Attia - Full Daily Routine, Top 10 Supplements and Dr*gs, Heart Disease, Cancer and F1

Peter Attia - Full Daily Routine, Top 10 Supplements and Dr*gs, Heart Disease, Cancer and F1