DiscoverYour Healthiest Healthy with Samantha HarrisPlant-Based Made Easy + Why THIS Needs to be Your Food Foundation
Plant-Based Made Easy + Why THIS Needs to be Your Food Foundation

Plant-Based Made Easy + Why THIS Needs to be Your Food Foundation

Update: 2024-05-19



What does it really mean to be plant-based? Why does it matter for you if you are not focused on a whole, plant-forward way of thinking?

And how does being whole-food, plant-centric fit into the bigger picture of our overall health and well-being?

Must you be exclusively plant-based? No. Ideally, it should be your foundation to build your Healthiest Healthy life -- and I deep dive into how, why and easy ways to make it happen with success.

If you are just exploring this plant-based dietary theory for the first time -- I've got you!

If you are well-versed in the value of eating WFPB, I've still got you and we will walk down this path to even further to truly optimal health and wellness.

In this episode, I will break it down, share some easy-to-grasp science along with some personal anecdotes of how this essential change after cancer has been profound for me -- and give you Healthiest Healthy Hacks for making the switch smooth (along with ways to take some baby steps to explore it even more!).

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to be plant-based and why should you care
  • How to assess what your house of health looks like
  • Quick sidenotes on the importance of a holistic approach to health, including nutrition, stress management, sleep quality and duration, physical activity, and social & emotional support
  • The plant-based diet broken down to basics
  • Plant-based eating and how it can positively impact health
  • Different needs and preferences when it comes to individual diet
  • Why you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to be plant-based
  • Scientific insights on the benefits of plant-based eating
  • How a WFPB way of eating can easily be incorporated into daily life
  • Easy ways to get started with plant-based eating
  • Cooking with oil? Here are the best, safest oils for you to use
  • What’s not so great about meatless Mondays
  • The benefits and drawbacks of meat substitutes
  • The importance of avoiding overly processed foods
  • How to build a meal around a salad
  • Don't forget the fat! Why are healthy fats so important




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Plant-Based Made Easy + Why THIS Needs to be Your Food Foundation

Plant-Based Made Easy + Why THIS Needs to be Your Food Foundation

Samantha Harris