DiscoverRight About Now with Ryan AlfordPlayers Win Games Coaches Win Players with Coach Bill Courtney
Players Win Games Coaches Win Players with Coach Bill Courtney

Players Win Games Coaches Win Players with Coach Bill Courtney

Update: 2024-05-28



  • Background and journey of Coach Bill Courtney from football coach to CEO of American Hardwoods
  • Influence of coaching and core values on young athletes
  • Perspectives on the economic forecast, with a focus on the lumber sector
  • Relationship between coaching tenets and their implementation in business and personal spheres
  • Overview of the hardwood industry, covering operations, sales, and international reach


Winning the Players (00:00:00 ) Coach Courtney discusses the importance of winning players as a coach by instilling confidence and accountability in them.

Economic Outlook (00:01:30 ) Coach Courtney shares insights on the economic recovery, particularly in the lumber business, as a leading indicator for building and overall economic growth.

Impact of Pandemic on Housing Market (00:03:37 ) Discussion on the impact of the pandemic on the housing market, leading to an eight-year deficit in multi and single-family housing in the US.

Business and Personal Journey (00:10:29 ) Coach Courtney shares his personal journey from being a football coach to becoming the owner of a lumber company and the impact he had on a struggling football team.

Coaching Principles (00:17:34 ) Coach Courtney explains the coaching principles he follows, emphasizing character, commitment, integrity, and the value of hard work in coaching football and beyond.

Foundation of Success (00:21:03 ) The conversation shifts to the importance of building a strong foundation based on character and discipline, applicable to both personal and professional life.

Ins and Outs of Hardwood Business (00:24:41 ) The discussion transitions to the details of Classic American Hardwoods, including the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) aspects of the hardwood business.

The timber industry in the United States (00:25:07 ) Coach Bill Courtney dispels misconceptions about the timber industry and highlights the sustainable forestry practices in the United States.

The process of hardwood production (00:25:53 ) Coach Courtney explains the process of hardwood production, from selective harvesting to shipping to manufacturers worldwide.

The global impact of hardwood production (00:27:19 ) The conversation touches on the global reach of hardwood production, including the use of hardwood in products like guitars and the intricate process involved.

Founding and growth of American Hardwoods (00:29:38 ) Coach Courtney shares the entrepreneurial journey of founding American Hardwoods with a small initial investment and rewarding key employees.

The concept and purpose of "An Army of Normal Folk" podcast (00:32:59 ) Coach Courtney discusses the origins and purpose of the "An Army of Normal Folk" podcast, aiming to highlight the stories of ordinary people making a difference in their communities.

Impact and success of "An Army of Normal Folk" (00:39:16 ) Coach Courtney reflects on the positive impact of the podcast, including connecting individuals and organizations to effect change and inspire others.

Leadership and societal impact (00:45:33 ) Coach Courtney emphasizes the importance of leadership and the actions of followers in effecting positive societal change.

How to engage with Coach Bill Courtney and "An Army of Normal Folk" (00:47:18 ) Listeners are encouraged to engage with Coach Courtney's work through his website and the "An Army of Normal Folk" podcast, with an emphasis on the nonprofit nature of the initiative.

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Players Win Games Coaches Win Players with Coach Bill Courtney

Players Win Games Coaches Win Players with Coach Bill Courtney

Ryan Alford, Bill Courtney