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Positively Wealthy With Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy With Emma Mumford

Update: 2022-07-01


It's an INTERVIEW episode and you know what that means, I'm simply unable to edit it ha ha so apologies for the slightly dodgy beginning.  

This week I am talking to spiritual QUEEEEN Emma Mumford!  I have truly LOVED doing her book, Positively Wealthy in the book club this month and I know so many of you would too.  Join at ANY time to start this amazing 33 day journey to being Positively Wealthy.  

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Emma currently has an offer where if you leave an honest, 5* review of her book on Amazon & send her a screenshot of your review to she'll send you a free digital gift worth £55!  

Thank you for listening as always, much love

Fran xxx

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Positively Wealthy With Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy With Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford