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Pretty Weird, Isn't It Al?

Pretty Weird, Isn't It Al?

Update: 2022-07-25


Hopefully, ya'll are getting used to the new format. If not, too bad! Just kidding, but seriously though we hope you're picking up what we're laying down. This week we caught up with John from The Beer'd Al Podcast, to talk about none other than Weird Al, who would have guessed?

There is about a 99% chance that you've at least heard the name "Weird Al", and thanks to MTV more like a 100% chance that you've heard at least one of his songs, and seen at least one of his brilliant music videos. Having had his foot in the music industry's door since the early 80s, it's kind of strange that he's not basically a household name at this point. Hell, if you're under the age of 30, and are reading this right now, there is a chance that you have no clue who I am even talking about here, which is even crazier.
Beyond the music, and being an insanely talented singer, songwriter, and musician. Weird Al is also a screenwriter, actor, author, and TV host among many other things.

The guy has put out 14 studio albums going all the way back to the early 80s and has been nominated for multiple Grammys (winning 5 of them in various categories), yet it still feels like he simply hasn't gotten the recognition that he very well should have. It would appear that after all these years, not only the music industry, but the general public as well have decided to box "Weird Al" in as that guy who just makes those silly parody songs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Even if that is the case, it hasn't seemed to have slowed him down, and his core fanbase has been there all along the way. Join us as we get weird, and talk about Al, all while wondering when this guy is going to finally get his flowers. It's season 6, episode 12 of your favorite local polka band's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!!

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Pretty Weird, Isn't It Al?

Pretty Weird, Isn't It Al?

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