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Psyched on Shrooms with Alli Schaper

Psyched on Shrooms with Alli Schaper

Update: 2023-07-201


Dentists, Botox, and filler, oh my! This week your hosts start off by chatting about dental and aesthetic procedures, and Tish shares her fear of getting filler in her veins and going blind. Brandi reminds her that you can’t live life in fear, and then Tish reminds her that they need to talk about Dom. They both have some exciting Off-Limits to talk about, and then welcome co-founder of Multiverse, Supermush, and Microdosing Collective, Alli Schaper. Alli is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to mushrooms and psychedelics, as she talks all about this ancient wisdom reimagined and highlights the stigma that’s been passed down for generations. She highlights the benefits of functional mushrooms and provides an update on psychedelic legalization. She also explains what exactly fungi are and where she would suggest you start if interested in learning more or taking supplements. This episode is full of information and we’d love to have Alli back! Be sure to call in with your questions! 

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Psyched on Shrooms with Alli Schaper

Psyched on Shrooms with Alli Schaper

Brandi and Tish Cyrus