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Qariah: The Women Quran Reciters App

Qariah: The Women Quran Reciters App

Update: 2022-04-157


Ustadah Maryam, a lover and student of the Quran, shares her journey in creating Qariah; An app that contains recitations of female Quran reciters from around the globe.

Download Qariah. Now available on Apple and Google Play.

The Quran Recitation is by Sheikha Mabrooka recorded in 1911

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Recorded at MH Studios Toronto

Executive Producer: Muna Scekomar

Recording Engineer: Jonathan Lillo

Podcast intern: Nima Harun

Graphic Designer: Wasima Farah

Project manager: Yasmin Mohamud

Marketing Manager: Sawsan Abdillahi

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Qariah: The Women Quran Reciters App

Qariah: The Women Quran Reciters App