DiscoverRead-Aloud Revival ®RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival
RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival

RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival

Update: 2022-07-26


When I ask experienced homeschool parents what they wish they had done more often or focused more on, they never–not ever–say anything academic.

Nope. Reminiscing homeschool parents tell me something else entirely. And do you know what they say? Relationships. They always, always talk about something related to the relationships nurtured during their homeschooling years.

Relationships & Reading Aloud

In fact, their favorite memories very often revolve around the memories they made and the books they shared.

Reading aloud is not only the best tool for helping our kids academically succeed across the curriculum, it also helps them:

  • Grow in empathy and compassion
  • Bear witness to people overcoming obstacles, facing struggles, and pressing onward
  • Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
  • Connect ideas and think more clearly about the world around them and their role in it

We know reading does all of this. That's why we all want our kids to fall in love with books, right?

We want them to be readers.

Here’s some good news:

You are the best person to help your kids learn and grow. And home is the best place to fall in love with books.

I’m Sarah Mackenzie, a homeschooling mama of 6, author of Teaching from Rest:  A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace and The Read-Aloud Family: Making Meaningful and Lasting Connections with Your Kids through Books

I’m also the Publisher at Waxwing Books, a new boutique publishing imprint that makes books your kids will love to read, and that you’ll love to read aloud. 

In our upcoming episodes, you’ll hear our best tips and practical ideas to help you

  • Read aloud
  • Discuss books with your kids
  • Share experiences that will draw you closer as a family

We’ll also give behind-the-scenes peeks at the books we’re making for you at Waxwing

It’s time to make meaningful and lasting connections with our kids. Let’s do it. Together.

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RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival

RAR #00: Welcome to the Read-Aloud Revival

Sarah Mackenzie