DiscoverRead-Aloud Revival ®RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?
RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?

RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?

Update: 2022-05-051


We get many questions about how I organize books in my home library, and today we’re talking all about it.

I'm going to break down my system and hopefully help spark ideas for how to best organize books at your house.

Here's the thing: Your home library should serve your family's reading life. And that might mean organizing it in a different way than you think.

It also means the organization isn't the goal. (Keep reading to see what I mean.)

I'll give you a peek at a few of my own bookshelves throughout this post, which are definitely not gorgeous or Instagram-worthy. 😅

But they are useable. And they're used... a lot!

In this episode:

  • how to focus on your home library's goal (which may be different than you think!)
  • how to cut down on time searching for books
  • ideas for organizing your family's books without making it a full-time job

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What's Your Goal?

When it comes to organizing your home library, remember that it should serve your family's reading goals.

There's no one-size-fits-all answer, because all of our families are different, our kids are different, we have different personalities, and different propensities for order or disorder. 

My goal is for my own kids to read widely and to always be in the middle of a book. Keeping that goal top of mind helps me remember that the organization of my family's books is just a tool to help me toward THAT goal.

Our home library is organized enough to help my kids read widely and often, but not so organized that I worry much when other things clutter up the shelves. Artwork often makes it onto our shelves, as you can see. And random holy cards, as well!

The goal is not an organized bookshelf.

The goal is a vibrant reading life. 

Starting with what would make your family’s reading life easier and more enjoyable can help you organize your own space.

Also note: there’s no right or wrong way to do this.

You’re not a library or a bookstore – you’re a family.

Let your home library serve your family in all the shapes and forms it takes as your kids grow.

Remember – start with your goal, and make your library serve your own particular family. There’s no right or wrong way about it.

The bard gets his own shelf at our house.

How I Organize Our Books

First things first, there are books in every room of our house. I never have enough bookshelves to suit me (sorry, honey!), and I’m always begging for more.

I love being able to see and read and reach for books no matter where I am in my house.

We have more kids’ books than any other kind of book. So let’s start there.

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RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?

RAR #204: How Do You Organize Books in Your Home Library?

Sarah Mackenzie