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RAR #205: Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Reading

RAR #205: Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Reading

Update: 2022-05-12


When Mandy called in to ask about her daughter, who likes to be read to, but doesn't really enjoy reading herself, I was all ears.

If you can relate, consider: when your child was 2, 3, 4 … did he/she like being read to?

Most small children LOVE being read to. They climb right into your lap and relish every minute.

It’s about the story, yes, but it’s also about the connection. 

We really, really want our kids to love reading. So naturally, we worry when they don't.

I wonder if that same connection is what our non-reading kids are actually seeking.

We're often tempted to think our kids are lazy, or aren't true readers, but laziness is rarely at play here (especially in the case of a dyslexic child).

So why don't some of our kids love reading? And what on earth can we do about it?

That's what I'm addressing today on the podcast from a mama who suspects her child may be dyslexic, and worries that she doesn't enjoy reading.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why kids may prefer being read to (hint: it's not because they're lazy!)
  • Whether it's OK to do a lot of reading aloud to older kids (short answer: heck yes)
  • How different modalities make reading accessible at a different level

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Your Child is Right Where They Need to Be! (and so are you)

First, I want you to know that a child not wanting to read on his/her own is pretty common. There's nothing particularly alarming about it.

There are things we can do, of course, and I’ll toss out some ideas for you here in just a moment.

I just want to make sure to point out that your child is exactly they are in their reading life, which is exactly where God can meet them...

... and it's also right where you can meet them, and help them take the next step.

Your child is right where they need to be. And so are you. 

Here's a question that might be popping up for you: Can she really do most of her reading with me?

The answer is a resounding and hearty YES.

I promise you won’t regret any time you spend here. Twenty years from now, you aren’t going to wish you had read less with her. I promise that won’t make her less of a reader. It will only benefit her, you, and your relationship.

Audio Books FTW

However, that’s not always possible – you are a mother... which means you have a lot on your plate.

That’s where audio books can help quite a bit.

One idea you might like to try is having a daily Quiet Reading Time – a 30 minute block (you can pick any amount of time you’d like here – there’s no magic formula), where your child can hang out in their room or sit at the table and craft, or play with Legos, or do a puzzle, draw, or whatever they like to do with their hands – and listen to an audio book.

This will go really far in helping your child fall in love with b...

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RAR #205: Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Reading

RAR #205: Help! My Child Doesn’t Like Reading

Sarah Mackenzie