DiscoverRead-Aloud Revival ®RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer
RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer

RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer

Update: 2022-05-26


When I was a kid, I read voraciously. I could lose myself for hours in stacks and stacks of books. The reading wasn’t that high quality, mind you. I could usually be found reading The Babysitter’s Club or a Christian historical romance, though I also loved Roald Dahl and Lois Lowry (anyone else remember the Anastasia Krupnik series?) and nonfiction, too. 

Then I became a mom, and reading felt decadent.

I read books to nurture my marriage, how-to books on parenting (some far better than others, ahem). But overall, reading just got… harder. It was something I did to improve myself. Not something I got swept away in.

Reading for pleasure felt like a splurge, and often it was a splurge I couldn’t figure out how to justify. 

But here’s the thing -- reading for fun is part of the job.

My life is richer when I’m reading for pleasure, and so is my kids’! In fact, I've found that their reading lives feed off the energy in mine. 

So how am I going to nurture my own reading life this summer? And what might get in the way?

It's a question worth asking for all of us, and joining me to ask it today on the podcast are RAR Community Director, Kortney Garrison and Managing Editor, Kara Anderson.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • Why reading is a priority in our lives (hint: it's not too decadent!)
  • Ways to nurture your reading life this summer
  • How to know what to read

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Summer is a great time to fall back in love with reading because you're able to slowly build these habits before jumping into a new school year.

Over the summer (and throughout the year), we host Mama Book Clubs in RAR Premium where we we always offer a “choose your own adventure” assortment of ways to engage in the Mama Book Club.

Depending on your season in life, your energy level—a lot of variables—you might need to read for:

  • Consistency: to develop a daily reading habit
  • Inspiration: to apply what you’re reading to your life as a mother or homeschooler
  • Reflection: to let your reading inspire your journaling practice
  • Wisdom: to help you make a big decision in your life

And of course there are many other reasons to read, as well.

How to Find the Time

Kortney, Kara and I all have different ways of threading books throughout our days. We've found a few different strategies helpful:

  • Setting a time to read for 10 minutes before doing absolutely anything else (don't even pick up that sock laying on the ground)
  • Carry around your book/Kindle instead of your phone (or put the Kindle app on your phone, if that's your jam)
  • Use a phone wallpaper to remind yourself that you would, in fact, rather be reading

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RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer

RAR #207: How to Fall Back in Love with Reading this Summer

Sarah Mackenzie