DiscoverUnlocked with Savannah ChrisleyReal Housewives of Dallas [EXCLUSIVE]
Real Housewives of Dallas [EXCLUSIVE]

Real Housewives of Dallas [EXCLUSIVE]

Update: 2023-01-091


Roll out the Red Carpet because our favorite Real Housewives of Dallas, Brandi Redmond & Stephanie Hollman, are in Music City! The bombshell duo joined Savannah for this episode of “Unlocked” and there is NOTHING they won’t say. What did Brandi ACTUALLY want her Real Housewives tagline to be? You’ll find out… and we can safely say it is more controversial than what actually ran on television. And, in our opinion, way funnier! How much of reality TV is really real? Would the two go back to reality television and, if so, on what terms? Here’s a hint- they’re jealous of “Growing Up Chrisley”! There are laughs throughout this exclusive interview, but there is also deep, difficult conversation, touching everything from the emotional lows that come from public criticism to the dark personal experience that all three women have in common. This was an especially monumental day for Brandi, as it was her first interview since the Real Housewives reunion. She chooses to use this platform to take the listener into the depths of her rock bottom moment and describes how low she truly got off screen. Remember… you never truly know what someone is going through. Always remember to show grace <3

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Real Housewives of Dallas [EXCLUSIVE]

Real Housewives of Dallas [EXCLUSIVE]