DiscoverThe Root Cause Medicine PodcastReducing Toxins to Detoxify Your Life with Greer McGuinness
Reducing Toxins to Detoxify Your Life with Greer McGuinness

Reducing Toxins to Detoxify Your Life with Greer McGuinness

Update: 2023-04-06


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The Root Cause Medicine Podcast is a weekly one-on-one conversation with renowned medical experts, specialists, and pioneers who are influencing the way we look at our health and wellbeing. This week we’re joined by Greer McGuinness, Clinical Lab Educator at Vibrant Wellness and Founder of Biomedical Healing For Kids.

In this episode, Greer McGuinness answers questions about toxins and the impact of toxic exposures on our health.

With more than fifteen years of experience in the medical field, Greer McGuinness is a biomedical clinician. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Food Science from SUNY Plattsburgh and a Master's degree in Science from Central Michigan University. Additionally, she is a Certified Leap Therapist, having helped many individuals with food allergies and intolerances.

Learn more about toxins by checking out the key takeaways of this episode or the transcript below.

Key Takeaways:

Uncovering toxin exposure
People are exposed to over 700,000 toxins daily, mostly man-made chemicals such as plastics, parabens, and heavy metals. Many underestimate the impact of small doses of chemicals. The "dose makes the poison" concept is not applicable when considering multiple toxins. Our current generation is more toxic than ever, and children have a shorter life expectancy than previous generations due to chemical exposure.

Toxin exposure symptoms in adults
Toxic exposure in adults can cause various symptoms, including weight gain, autoimmune issues, reproductive issues, infertility, fatigue, chronic fatigue, gut and liver issues, and hormonal imbalances, which can lead to endometriosis. Moreover, toxins act like estrogen in the body, and this can lead to symptoms even when hormone levels appear normal. Endocrine disruptors such as plastics, microplastics, parabens, and other products that women use daily can bioaccumulate in the body and throw off its balance.

Decrease your toxic load
While the body naturally detoxes, the toxic load in our society is much higher than it has been in the past. This can lead to an overload on the liver which can cause bioaccumulation of toxins. To help with this, Greer created the Rebalance Method, which focuses on improving bile and pancreatic lactase flow. It's also important to consider the lymphatic system; physical exercise is the best way to detox it.

The four pillars of detoxification
Reducing exposure to toxins starts with testing first, followed by applying the four pillars of reducing toxin exposure. These include getting water filtration systems, incorporating organic food, improving air quality, and getting good-quality personal care products. For more information, consult the Toxin-Free Living Guide.

Investigating PFAS toxins in everyday items
PFAS are called the "forever chemicals" because scientists don't know how to break them down. They can be found in everyday items such as panties, yoga pants, waterproof jackets, shoes, and sports bras. As a result, 99% of people in the United States have PFAS toxins in their systems.

Also, check out Greer’s recommended lab testing: Micronutrient testing, Vibrant's Total Tox Burden test, and PFAS testing.

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Reducing Toxins to Detoxify Your Life with Greer McGuinness

Reducing Toxins to Detoxify Your Life with Greer McGuinness

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