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Reflections on a movement | Eric Ries (creator of the Lean Startup methodology)

Reflections on a movement | Eric Ries (creator of the Lean Startup methodology)

Update: 2023-10-29


Eric Ries is the creator of the Lean Startup methodology, author of the New York Times bestseller The Lean Startup, and founder of the Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE). He’s also a multi-time founder and currently advises startups, VC firms, and larger companies on business and product strategy. In today’s episode, we discuss:

• The current state of the Lean Startup methodology

• Common misconceptions about the Lean Startup methodology

• Understanding how to actually think about MVPs (minimum viable products)

• When to pivot and when to stay the course

• Thoughts on AI and how to deal with uncertainty

• How to structure your company around core values and create products that benefit humanity

• The philosophy behind Eric’s current big idea: the Long-Term Stock Exchange

• Much more

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00 ) Eric’s background

(04:46 ) Eric’s recent activities and projects

(06:23 ) Eric’s start in advising and first-principles thinking

(10:56 ) Lessons from designing the Lean Startup process

(14:04 ) The current state of lean startup methodology

(22:33 ) Common misconceptions about the methodology

(24:28 ) Changes Eric would make in an updated version of Lean Startup

(27:52 ) An explanation of minimum viable product (MVP) and why Eric still stands by the process

(37:36 ) An example of “Less is more”

(41:24 ) More on MVPs and the importance of testing your hypotheses 

(41:24 ) How LTSE had to pivot after a partnership fell apart

(48:37 ) Eric’s take on the concept of craft

(53:36 ) Why getting fired for standing by your conviction can be a career accelerator

(55:17 ) Tech’s mental health crisis

(56:28 ) Advice for founders stuck in a “zombie company”

(1:00:16 ) How continuous pivots shape a company’s vision, with a real-life story

(1:08:20 ) Challenges in assessing companies from an external perspective

(1:13:17 ) Practical advice for businesses considering a pivot

(1:18:42 ) The impact of artificial intelligence

(1:26:59 ) The current capabilities of ChatGPT and its potential use as an equalizer in the marketplace

(1:31:26 ) Eric’s current work with founders on human flourishing

(1:42:40 ) Advice for founders who want to build ethical companies 

(1:49:37 ) Examples of first-principles thinking

(1:53:42 ) Why shareholder primacy theory is wrong

(1:55:19 ) The “spiritual holding company” 

(1:58:12 ) Lightning round


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Reflections on a movement | Eric Ries (creator of the Lean Startup methodology)

Reflections on a movement | Eric Ries (creator of the Lean Startup methodology)

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