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Relationships Aren't Always 50/50

Relationships Aren't Always 50/50

Update: 2023-08-30


Ok I think each episode just gets better and better and we are SO excited for this one as we are bringing the heat!

No, seriously, you will not believe what we discuss in our TMI…Teresa Melissa Investigates… as ways women are trying to beat the heat!

Also speaking about hot hot hot, we are coming to you LIVE with our first Namaste B$tches live podcast ever! If you didn’t get your tickets yet for our LIVE show in NJ, grab them now before they are gone! This show is going to be full of fun, laughs and CRAZY surprises! And we will be having our brand new merch there ready for you! The link to the fun is below!

The heat keeps coming when the NB talk about their relationship and some surprising ways they are able to keep them going strong

Speaking of crazy surprises, we roll out more fun having YOU the amazing listeners on the podcast for our 2 Minute Bitches with us!! Yes for the first time we are having all of you amazing friends and listeners on for the fun with us! Check out who’s on this week and don’t forget to DM Melissa if you have any questions for the NB or want to be on with us!

We love you and cannot thank you enough for all your amazing support following us, sending Melissa DMs with your awesome questions and excitement to be on and all your incredible support. Love love love you!

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Relationships Aren't Always 50/50

Relationships Aren't Always 50/50

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