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Remember The Game? #197 - Yo! Noid

Remember The Game? #197 - Yo! Noid

Update: 2022-05-11


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We've been talking about doing an episode of this show about Yo! Noid for, man, it has to be years at this point, doesn't it? I was worried there wouldn't be enough meat on the pizza to talk about. I was sweating that nobody aside from my guest and I ever played it to begin with. And I was a little nervous the noid would show up and start wrecking my pizzas...
But we finally threw caution into the wind, and recorded what could very well be the first ever podcast dedicated to the NES "classic" that is Yo! Noid. 
My pal Tyler makes his return to the show this week, and we talked about the stupid skateboard levels, the boring pizza eating contests, the cheap, cheap, CHEEEEAAAAAP deaths that this stupid game is full of, and why despite all of those faults, this is still a pretty adequate NES game. I know it took forever, but enjoy your damned Yo! Noid podcast!
And before we talk pizzas and Noids, I bake up another edition of the 'Remember The Game? Infamous Intro'!
This week, we get into the fact that Nintendo, PlayStation and XBx all have the 'X' button on their controllers in a different spot, and why it needs to stop. As a comedian, am I getting nervous that someone will rush the stage and beat me up after seeing what happened to Dave Chapelle? And should we let our gaming backlogs get to us?
PLUS, we have another round of 'Play One, Remake One, Erase One', featuring three mascot-centric duds: Cool Spot, Chester Cheetah's Wild Wild Quest, and MC Kids
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Jefferey Jinkles

Yo! Noid is one of my favorite nes games of all time. Never beat it but its just one of those games that has a soft spot in my heart as a great time waster.

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Remember The Game? #197 - Yo! Noid

Remember The Game? #197 - Yo! Noid

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