DiscoverReal Estate RookieRookie Reply: Can You Put Offers on Multiple Houses?
Rookie Reply: Can You Put Offers on Multiple Houses?

Rookie Reply: Can You Put Offers on Multiple Houses?

Update: 2023-01-21


Need to know whether flipping vs. renting makes more sense for your market? Don’t know if you can put offers on multiple houses simultaneously? Itching to hear how your flipping profits will affect your financeability on your next property? We’ve got time-tested real estate experts here to help you out! As always, Ashley and Tony are here to host this week’s Rookie Reply, but we’re also joined by Jake Kain, Arizona investor and agent who left the W2 life to start building a rental property and live in flip empire!

Jake lends a helping hand in answering this week’s questions but also shares his own story about following your fire, starting a community, and how to become the “quarterback” of any real estate meetup. He’s expanded his network at lightning speed, allowing him to grow his portfolio to five units, all while flipping his own primary residences along the way. Jake helps answer questions about making offers on multiple houses, flipping vs. renting, how your DTI (debt-to-income ratio) could be impacted when house flipping, and where to find general contractors who will show up on time!

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In This Episode We Cover

Starting your own real estate meetup and how it makes you the most popular person in the room

Leaving your nine-to-five to invest in real estate and becoming a real estate agent

Debt-to-income ratios and whether or not selling a fixer-upper could help or hurt yours

The art of making offers on multiple houses and what to do if they all accept

Flipping vs. renting and why different real estate markets require different strategies

How to find contractors for home renovations and why the quickest workers are rarely the best

And So Much More!

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Rookie Reply: Can You Put Offers on Multiple Houses?

Rookie Reply: Can You Put Offers on Multiple Houses?