S20E7: I'm OUT: Strategies for Quitting Your Job

S20E7: I'm OUT: Strategies for Quitting Your Job

Update: 2023-11-17


Hey lady! It’s the end of the year and it’s a great time to reflect and restore as we head into hibernation season. How are you feeling about this year? Are there changes that need to be made? This week, Terri and Dr. Dom discuss what it looks like when it’s time to change your job. Dr. Dom and Terri share some of their personal experiences that brought big revelations about how to navigate their careers this week and some of those instances may resonate with you. Are you ready to make the leap? Tune into the Aftershow for tips on how to do so with grace, class, and most of all self-respect.

Questions to ask yourself to identify if it's time to quit:
  1. Are you burned out?
  2. Does this job no longer bring you joy?
  3. Has your health been negatively affected?
  4. Are you compromising your ethics, values, or integrity?
  5. Are you being harassed or threatened?
  6. Do you feel psychologically, emotionally, or physically unsafe?
  7. Have you accomplished all of your goals and there is no room for growth or promotion?
Strategies for quitting:
  1. Consult your mentor(s)
  2. Identify a timeline (do you need to walk away now or can you give a reasonable notice; when do you notify your immediate boss, colleagues, etc.)
  3. Get your financial house in order (checking, savings, retirement, insurance, PTO/sick/vacation)
  4. Identify your next steps (how much time off, securing another job, launching a business)
  5. Submit an official resignation letter (you want things in writing)
  6. Provide feedback and/or an exit interview
Quote of the Day:
“When Black women are able to 'quit a thing' it typically can be attributed to at least four causes. She was invited to do a job that it is impossible for her to be successful at, she is disrespected, her work is devalued (a form of disrespect), or she is simply tired of fighting."
– Dr. Wendi S. Williams

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S20E7: I'm OUT: Strategies for Quitting Your Job

S20E7: I'm OUT: Strategies for Quitting Your Job

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