DiscoverCrime WeeklyS3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)
S3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)

S3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)

Update: 2023-03-031


Orlando, Florida - Home of Mickey Mouse and sunny beach vacations, a city that 60 million people flock to every year whether it’s for the theme parks or just the sun and heat that South Florida is known for. But for the friends and family of 24 year old Jennifer Kesse, this city would become a symbol of all that was wrong and evil in the world. Jennifer was last seen on January 23rd, 2006, she spoke to her family and her boyfriend on the phone that evening and said she was going to bed, she was tired from a trip she had just home from. But the next day, when she didn’t show up for work, her parents traveled to her Orlando condo and found everything normal, as if she had woken up and planned to go to work that day. There was still water in the shower, clothes tossed on an unmade bed, and a wet towel in the laundry room. Days later, Jennifer’s 2004 black Chevy Malibu would be found abandoned a mile down the road, in a not so great part of town, but the car held no clues as to where Jennifer Kesse was either. The one clue that law enforcement was able to retrieve should have cracked the case wide open. It was surveillance video of a person parking Jennifer’s car and walking away from it without even a glance back, and the surveillance clicked a photo of this person every three seconds, and every three seconds this person's face was obscured by a tall wrought iron fence. To this day, Jennifer Kesse has not been found, dead or alive, and the people who love her have fought tirelessly for answers, a fight that included receiving over 16 thousand pages of police records on the investigation, and these pages held more clues which has only fed the fire of this mystery.

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S3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)

S3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)

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