DiscoverCrime WeeklyS3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)
S3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)

S3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)

Update: 2023-08-185


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On the morning of June 4th, 2010, seven year old Kyron Horman was brought to his elementary school by his stepmother so that he could show her his science fair project. Skyline Elementary School in Portland, Oregon was having a science fair that day, and although the school would normally open at 8:35 AM, that morning the doors were unlocked at 8AM, to give the students a chance to tour the fair with their families. At around 8:45 AM, Kyron’s stepmother Terri Moulton Horman took a photograph of Kyron standing in front of his project, a detailed diorama of the red-eyed tree frog. He beamed proudly at the camera through his wire rimmed glasses, and then, according to Terri, she walked him to his classroom and watched him enter. But when attendance was taken that day, Kyron Horman was not present, and he would never be seen again. His mother Desiree Young would later say quote, “it’s like a portal opened up in the school and Kyron just vanished into it” end quote. The search for Kyron has been the largest criminal investigation in Portland history, but to this day there has been no sign of what happened to him, where he went, or who he was with.

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S3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)

S3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)

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